Friday, December 05, 2008

Salam AidilAdha

Happy AidilAdha and Happy holiday to all teachers, educators, students and all that involve in the education world.

"Kullu am wa antum bi khair"

Monday, April 30, 2007


Education is the most important thing for a nation to survive or to be great. It is ranked as the second priority after the armed forces and the police force.

A good management and system consisting the administrators and the implementors (teachers of course). Administrators who failed to look into the good interest of the implementors will purposely jeopardize the effectiveness to achieve the goal of the nation's educations system.

I'm a teacher in the state of Pahang (in Malaysia), from my point of view the administrators haven't taketh the necessary action for the interest of the teachers in Pahang. Maybe we will do what we were asked, but cin cai ajelah.

Maybe and maybe, eventually someone who dare enough and powerful enough can make the proper action in the best interest of the teachers, administrators,pupils and the our nations MALAYSIA of course...I LOVE MALAYSIA ! HAPPY 50TH ANNIVERSARY

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The 'brainer" in Pahang education

It has been sometimes i didn't update this blog, i'm quite busy with family bussines, hari raya, and P4. Last 13th - 16th november, my pupils had sat for their P4 exam (finally).
All this time i wondered why Pahang's pupils can't compete with other states pupils??? The neighbouring state Terengganu is the champion is Malaysia for UPSR n PMR. Why can't Pahang do that too??
Our school had planned P4 just after raya holiday, 3 weeks before the school close (before the new term next year). So the teachers have time to mark the papers and have sufficient time to hold the Prize Giving Ceremony (school convocation). Teachers also have the time to introduce to the pupils what the are going to learn next year.
But thank to Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Pahang, they called 30minutes before school end and close for a week (raya holiday) ordering that P4 must be held on the last week. What the Hell!! you asking the teacher to be professional and planned our work accordingly. But the 'brainer' and the top person that head the education system in Pahang committed such a shamefull an disgusting action. No wonder Pahang can't excell and compete with other state in education filed. We are being headed by a stupid morron jerk human being.....(sorry to say this uncivilize words).
But we only the mentimun (cucumber) and they are the durian, we must obey their last minute and irrelevant order at what ever the cost.
I hope in the future, all the parties involved in the education system please think and ponder clearly and in a concious mind before making any decesion because what ever are you doing will jeorpardise the assets of this nation ; our children.
I'm sorry my children of 1 Ikhlas n Taqwa and also 4 Ikhlas n Taqwa if i committed anything that might hurt you all in the process of teaching. It is all in my good will and intention.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Dear friends....

Last Friday and Saturday was a happy day for me. Although i'm not joining the wagon but i have manage to handle the trip, the food, the guides, the accomodation and anything related the school visit very well.

As i predict before, my HM won't let me go ( and i don't want 2 also becoz my wife is delivering anytime) i can manage the visit online and on phone.

Thanx a lot to

1. Najib and Mr. firdaus ; my wonderful collegues.

2. Bro. Nuar ; the KL caterer.

3. Little Bro. Ashraf Zaki ; PMAPIUM KL Sec. Gen.

4. Dato' Mohd. Razali Agus : UM DVC (STAD) for the free accomodation.

Thanks all......(^_^)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dear friends,

i have setup my own store at amazon. feel free to review the boooks that i have review.

here is the link

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